Frosh-cessities: Nights out on the (Brown)town

Let’s be honest, no Brown students came here because they thought it was a party school. While my peers were discussing Brown’s Ivy League status, famous students, and every mundane detail of their lives on the admitted students Facebook group, I was contemplating the real issue we were facing: do people even go out at Brown?

When I got here, I was pleasantly surprised by how much was actually going on during any given weekend. My initial excitement turned to disillusionment, however, as the first couple nights unfolded and coalitions of freshmen roamed campus going from place… to place… to place. After almost three months here, through my own experiences (which are by no means extensive) and talking to other students, I’ve found a couple ways to ensure you have a good, if not interesting, time.

  • Stray off the beaten path. No, I don’t mean leave campus to go to a Soccer, Crew, or Lacrosse party. I’m saying you should go on Facebook, check out prospective Brown parties, and steer clear of those with an absurd amount of people going. Be bold. Now, don’t always do this, because those events can be really fun … but they can also get very old VERY quickly. Last weekend I went to a party at a co-op house (after striking out at two other parties) and had a great time. Not only were there free drinks ridiculous costumes, there was also a guy dj-ing awesome techno music from his Game Boy Color. I repeat, a Game Boy Color. It was sick.
  • Avoid mob mentality. When you get trapped walking from party to party with a group of people, don’t be afraid to bail out. Suggest other options and see if everyone agrees. If they’re down for your plan, awesome. If they’re not, fuck that. But really, just say goodbye and head your own way with whoever else wants to leave. Odds are you’ll find something better than waiting in line for 30 minutes.
  • Talk to your friends and friendly acquaintances for plans. Some of your friends do really cool things. They might be part of an obscure organization on campus that throws kick ass parties. That’s how I ended up at a Market Share party, which you wouldn’t really expect to be particularly rowdy. Who knew farmers were down for the cause?
  • Wait for activity to pick up. When you first arrive somewhere, it seems as if there are always those people that want to leave within 5 minutes. Don’t be that guy or girl. Just post up with your friends and wait for the evening to unfold. It will get better … or at least I hope. Yes, this can backfire, but it’s worth it.

The bottom line is that you should mix it up. Go to those frat and sports houses, but also branch out and drag your friends along with you. You’ll have fun and get a good story or two out of it … or end up hating this post and hoping a higher being will smite me. Either way, go h.a.m.

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