SPONSORED: 10 essentials from Spectrum India

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, Spectrum India probably has it. Spectrum India carries all types of merchandise—from dorm essentials to going out clothes, Spectrum India is the place for all of your college needs! Here are the top ten things that you can buy at Spectrum India:

1. Jackets: Out with the fall and in with the (bitter) cold. Say goodbye to your sundresses and shorts and say hello to your new down, fur, and denim jackets!

2. Hats, gloves, and mittens: What’s a new jacket without some snuggly hats and mittens? Be the coolest kid on College Hill with these Holden Caulfield hunting caps.

3. Best-selling versatile dress: Looking for one dress that you can wear on a multitude of occasions without anyone noticing? Look no further: Spectrum India sells the Elan versatile dress in red, mauve, and black.

4. Ready-to-eat non-perishable Indian dinners: Sick of ramen already (…or the Ratty)? Enjoy the yummy tastes of Shahi Paneer or Buttery Black Lentils from the comfort of your dorm.

5. Incense and candle alternatives: If you’re beginning to miss the relaxing scents that you used at home, try these safe (and non-prohibited) alternatives. Check out the soy beads, diffuser oils, and battery operated tea-lights to make your room even cozier.

6. Shoes: From high-fashion leather boots and rain boots to shower flip flops, Spectrum India has it all. Let’s get some shoes.

7. Dorm decorations: Want to add some flare to your dorm? Spectrum India has a wide selection of tapestries, pillow covers, paper lanterns, and Christmas lights for an affordable price.

8. Mexican blankets and bajas: Need we say more? Mmmm, cozy and stylish.

9. Make an appointment: Get a group of your friends together and make a day out of Spectrum India! Make a professional henna, tarot card, or handwriting analysis appointment.

10. Gifts on gifts on gifts: Spectrum India sells great gifts for anyone and everyone at low prices. Dream catchers, recycled fabric journals, leather bound notebooks, henna kits, decorative boxes, huge selection of body jewelry, candles, and more. Go check it out for yourself–the possibilities are endless!

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