Chow Down Brown: Top 10 sauces for your dorm room pantry

Sriracha shots, anyone?

A wise friend once told me that hunger is the best sauce. While I can’t disagree, as a college student I’ve discovered that it’s particularly helpful to keep some other sauces handy to spice up our Cup Of Noodles dorm room delicacies. The proper application of sauces is the easiest way to keep our taste buds guessing without breaking the bank, and they also usually last FOREVER (my ketchup expires in 2014, huh?). Whether they’re stashed in a pantry, kitchen, sock drawer, or kept in your backpack always ready for action, check out BlogDH’s own list of the top ten sauces to keep stocked in your dorm room after the jump.


1) Sriracha: Who isn’t familiar with this delightfully spicy accoutrement? Don’t be afraid of this fire-engine red, rooster-emblazoned bottle, but remember: a little goes a long way. A plus: no refrigeration necessary! Suggested uses: Eggs, sandwiches (you can order it in the Blue Room!), Asian cuisine (Jo’s ramen, Blue Room sushi). Tip: Mix with mayonnaise to make a spicy mayo and use with same pairings as above.

2) Fred’s Red Hot Sauce/Cholula: Sriracha’s cousins. Use with same pairings as above.

3) Hummus: Some may call it a sauce, I others may call it a food group. Explore any and all flavors; some favorites include artichoke, olive, and roasted red pepper. Suggested uses: Sandwiches (combined with Sriracha, of course), sliced veggies, pita chips (or any cracker/chip), salads (Ratty, Blue Room, Vdub, Jo’s).

4) Pesto: Our garlic-y, cheesy, basil-y Italian friend adds a kick to any dull dish. Also very easy to make on your own! Suggested uses: Sandwiches (particularly grilled cheese), pasta, pizza, toasted bread, Wheat Thins, grilled chicken or fish.

5) Soy Sauce: Believe it or not, soy sauce is a great contribution to other foods in addition to the common sushi or Chinese take out. Salty deliciousness may ensue. Suggested uses: Homemade stir-fries (chicken, shrimp, veggie, tofu, or whatever you’re feeling), quinoa, miso soup/ramen.

6) Ketchup: Pretty obvious, some may call it too “mainstream,” but you can’t deny its awesome versatility. Suggested uses: Eggs (this includes breakfast burritos, Eggs Benedict, etc.), burgers/veggie burgers/hot dogs/spicy withs/grilled chicken, French fries

7) Mustard: Be it classic yellow, honey, spicy, or Dijon, mustard is a great thing to have handy, and goes perfectly with many of the condiments listed above. Suggested uses: Sandwiches of every kind, marinades for chicken/fish, baby carrots and other sliced veggies, pretzels.


8) Peanut/Almond Butter: The easiest, cheapest way to get your protein – Mom would be proud! Suggested uses: Sandwiches (with jelly, honey), baking (spice up your cookies, brownies, cakes), sliced apple or banana, celery (with or without raisins), Oreos, noodles (think Pad Thai)

9) Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup: Feeling sentimental? Missing elementary school? Suggested uses: Chocolate milk/Hot chocolate, Peppermint Schnapps, Ice cream sundaes

10) Nutella: Need I say more?


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