See The Sessions tonight for FREE!

Helen Hunt. Where can she go wrong? Absolutely nowhere, especially when she’s naked. Enter: The Sessions, a film that, in addition to featuring Helen Hunt in her sexy cougar phase, also tells the story of a paralyzed journalist (John Hawkes) who enlists a sex therapist to guide him through his first sexual experience. The Ivy FIlm Festival, which generally brings a few movies to campus outside of the festival proper, is screening the film FOR FREE in the Granoff Center TONIGHT at 7 p.m. The film has garnered incredible buzz since Fox Searchlight purchased it for $6 million. More recently, the critical consensus is overwhelmingly positive (95% on Rotten Tomatoes) and it will surely grab an Oscar nod or two. This free screening promises to be a legitimate date option (if you throw down at Mama Kim’s first) that will be over with plenty of time for pre-Fish Co. boozing (call me old fashioned?). Remember: Granoff Center, 7 p.m tonight. If you fail to show, you better be prepared to hand in your Helen Hunt fan badge….

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