Careful with the irony, you might be being sexist…

Last week, New York magazine published an article on “hipster sexism,” picking up where Jezebel and Gawker left off last spring when they coined the phrase “hipster racism.” The essential idea is this: the new generation (i.e. us), in its (our) effort to be hyper-liberal and self-aware, mock the old-school actual racists/sexists, but in a way that actually perpetuates stereotypes. Thus, it is the hipsters that are accidentally holding progression back. As you know, us Brown students are up there as the most hipster kids around, which begs the question, are these unnecessarily analytical always-looking-for-something-to-complain-about sophisticated publications worried about us?

I’m not sure that it’s any better to be one of those overly PC people who is constantly afraid of appearing as if they’re saying anything offensive, but for me the articles do point out a somewhat ironic (hipsters love ironic) reality of our time. Because rape is so not okay and we all agree on this and are educated on what constitutes as rape, we make ‘ironic’ rape jokes, like that one scene in Girls. Or say weird things like “bring your bitches” but as a joke. I, as someone of Pakistani descent, will sometimes make a terrorist joke, because obviously that generalization is untrue; but again, by bringing these ideas up, even in a joking manner, are we just prolonging the existence of these stereotypes?

Just another uncomfortable line to worry about not crossing. It’s probably best to just declare your hipster-ness with a record player and thrift store purchases.

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