BlogWeeklyJamz: “We were the potty-mouth posse, crash the party and dip”

Jam of the Week – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love
It’s probably getting inappropriate to gloat about the election, BUT EQUALITY MOTHERFUCKING WON. Gay marriage is legal in three more states, (and a gay marriage ban was defeated in one more), and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) was elected as our first openly gay Senator. The fight is far from over, but I’m proud of America this week.

Hip-Hop – Earl Sweatshirt – Chum
Ughhhh hangover songgggg that repetitive piano hook is swaddling my brainnnn yusssssss.

Indie – Das Racist – Girl
I understand that the consensus at Brown is that Das Racist “totally sucked at Spring Weekend” but they’re actually really great. I maintain that their terribleness on stage was due to their being beyond impaired, not that they aren’t talented. Peep one of their videos above featuring an inexplicable knife fight halfway through. How can you not love them?

Pop – Calvin Harris – Thinking About You (Fave Zamorano Remix)
I was DJing the upper room at the SPACE party yesterday and running out of sweaty, happy songs so I’m building up my repertoire.

Middle School Pop Punk Banger – Blink-182 – Feelin’ This
This is THE MSPPB song. In my younger rebellious years, we dragged an old couch up this weird dirt hill overlooking the Larchmont train station and smoked Spirits while someone played terrible Blink-182 covers on guitar.  Can you say cOoLeSt KiDs eVeRrRr?

Sensitive Singer-Songwriter – Angel Olsen – Acrobat
I don’t know much of anything about Ms. Olsen but she’s playing tonight in Providence and exudes a Joanna Newsom crooning type vibe.

Electronic – Sabrepulse – The Manhattan Transfer
Seeing Sabrepulse at an 8BitCollective show years ago was incredible. (A) They play Game Boys as instruments, (B) I lost my wallet and Sabrepulse tried to help me find it. (We didn’t find it). This was hands down the best concert experience I’ve ever had, even though I had to cancel all my credit cards.

PBR&B – Robot Orchestra – Beauty and the Beat
This guy reminds me a lot of RJD2 and that’s a really big compliment.

Throwback – Ashanti – Only U
Omg omg new album by Ashanti in January 2013. I wish it were 2004 again so I could wait in front of a record store and buy it when came out at midnight. Hahahah. Record stores.

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