How Not to be a Freshman: The one where I go exploring

This weekend, readers, I did something I’ve never done before since I’ve been at Brown: I left Thayer Street and explored. While Thayer Street is quaint and has its perks, Wickenden Street promises an exciting change from the usual. So fellow freshmen, if you haven’t gotten a chance to explore, now’s the time to do it! We haven’t been hit with the frigid cold that will be a permanent presence in the dead of winter, and by now, most of us are pretty settled with our friends and classes. So grab a few buddies and leave Thayer. Here’s where I’ve been on Wickenden Street:

Sakura: This cozy Japanese restaurant is a hidden gem! The sushi was delicious and I also ordered chicken tempura when I was there. It was fried to perfection and I left satisfied but not disgustingly full. It’s also good for kids on the college budget, as there was nothing outrageously expensive on the menu. Another plus: it’s BYOB (and they don’t card you). I guess they figure if you’re able to procure alcohol, you’re old enough to drink it. Suckers. Definitely check this place out!  Don’t come with a large group though because the restaurant is pretty small and they’ll mess up your checks. Check out the menu here.

Coffee Exchange: I’ve been here a few times and it’s definitely worth the walk. As a coffee addict, I pride myself on knowing my caffeine facts and this place is, hands down, the best coffee place within walking distance. It has a really cozy atmosphere but it is a little small.  They have amazing croissants and their yogurt parfaits always have fresh fruit. The coffee is good: not too strong and you can easily tailor it to your desired tastes. However, they don’t have Wi-Fi access on the weekends and it does get very crowded, so it’s probably not the best study space. Check it out!

Amy’s Place: This quaint café is perfect for breakfast or lunch. Conveniently located right across the street from Coffee Exchange, Amy’s has a great selection of omelets, pancakes, smoothies, and breakfast sandwiches. It has a quirky atmosphere and the waiters get your food out quickly, so it’s a good place if you’re in a hurry. They make cupcakes and lunch sandwiches too, so there’s something for everyone. Moderately priced. Here’s its Facebook page!

The Duck and Bunny: I have a confession to make: I adore cupcakes. I just love everything about them, from their perfect size to their dainty wrappers, and at the Duck and Bunny, they’re perfect. This “snuggery” has multiple lounge spaces and a very classy, elegant vibe.  They have a brunch menu, a large array of cupcakes and teas, and even a cigar selection for my classy gents out there. It’s a little expensive but definitely worth the splurge once or twice.  Browse its website and buy a few dozen cupcakes! The Banana Nutella one is amazing.

So next weekend, after all these horrible midterms, take a casual stroll down to Wickenden and treat yourself to some quality food.  Happy Eating!

With love,

Luna Lovebad

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    that moment where a freshman thinks being on wickenden counts as being off college hill

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