(Campus)Lifehacker: LaundryView

It's like playing Sims with mystery-stained sheets

Guys. This changes everything.

Yes, now you can find free laundry machines from the comfort of your computer: LaundryView is the answer to our stained and sweaty prayers.

Long gone are the days of hauling loads of dirty clothing to the laundry room, only to find no free machines. No more reusing emergency socks for the fifth day. No more resorting to taking other people’s underwear out from the washing machines (and awkwardly discovering you have the same pair).

It gets better. All the different dorms are compiled in the landing page menu, and once in your building, you can mouse each machine (conveniently color-coded) to find out how much time it has left. Yeah, that’s right. You can pick your jaw off the floor now.

You still actually have to do your laundry though …

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