Time-waster of the day: November 14, 2012

Two things that pretty much every college student knows: dating can be really hard, and normal rules of social decorum do not apply on the Internet.  These two facts intersect in the world of dating sites, and this is where “Tara” comes in.

Tara isn’t real, but she has an OK Cupid profile. She’s obsessed with Ice Age 4 — there have been 4 Ice Age movies?? — and has spelling and grammar skills that would make many Brown students cringe in actual physical pain. She overshares things that even people who usually don’t care about TMI wouldn’t want to know. Rob Fee, a blogger at mandatory.com, created Tara to see how men on a dating site would react to her, and the results are hilarious.  If Tara were real, she’d probably compare how persistent these men were (assuming she knows the word persistent) to Scrat’s pursuit of his damn acorn.

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