Men’s soccer update: Drexel down, Maryland up next

Suck it Drexel

Dylan Remick ’13 had both assists for Brown

Yesterday afternoon/evening Brown Men’s Soccer took care of business like we all knew they would, comfortably downing Drexel 2-0 to advance to the second round of the NCAA tournament. Tom McNamara ’13 and Daniel Taylor ’15 each scored first half header goals off passes from unanimous all-Ivy selection Dylan Remick ’13. The live stream of the game available through Drexel’s website was actually pretty good, and I’m confident that at least ten other Brown-affiliated fans used it besides me. Maybe. I hope.

Next up is #2 overall seed Maryland, which will be easily the best team Brown has played this year. The “Terrapins” (basically a bitchy turtle) have racked up an impressive 17-1-2 record in the Atlantic Coast Conference, which some experts have deigned to suggest is more competitive than the Ivy League. (The previous sentence assumes that 1) there are college soccer “experts” and 2) that if there were, they would ever bother to compare the hyper-competitive ACC with a league that includes intramural-quality teams masquerading as varsity teams, like Penn and Columbia.)

Though the match-up is tricky, I have faith that we can pull the monumental upset. After all, last time we played a public school, we beat Cornell 2-0. Zing! (For the record, there is obviously nothing wrong with public education. But lawlz, Cornell.) If you’re interested, which you should be, the game will be at Maryland at 5 P.M. THIS SUNDAY. A live video feed should be available here once the game begins. Check it out. Support the cream of Brown athletics’ crop.

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