Students who do cool things: Goodman ’13

Michael Goodman has loved music for as long as he can remember. He started writing music as a young child and hasn’t stopped since. His favorite genres of music are Rock and Roll and ’60s bubblegum pop, and looks to artists and bands like The Everly Brothers, Brian Eno, John Kale, and Del Shannon for inspiration. As a Literary Arts and MCM Production double concentrator, he continues to pursue his passions for music, film, acting, and writing at Brown. He is also the creator of The Blog theme song (if you don’t know what that means, go fix that). Oh…and his new album comes out today.

Goodman’s new album “What We Want” consists of 11 songs and is roughly 35 minutes long. The indie album tells a loose story with an emotional arc, but it shies away from being too heavy by keeping its roots in pop. Trust us when we say this album is going to be on your new “walking to class” playlist. If you’re looking for a fun way to listen to the album for the first time, Goodman suggests, “It’s always fun to listen to an album while walking, or on a train, or something involving motion, but in 2012, it’s hard to assume how people listen to music. If you’re listening I’m appreciative.”

Goodman has spoken: if you’re looking for something awesome to listen to on your trip home for Thanksgiving, look no further—download the album here. When asked what he wanted listeners to pay attention to in his album, Goodman simply replied, “I want the songs to speak for themselves.” So what are you waiting for? It will certainly be a good subject to brag talk about with your friends from home next week (…but let’s be real, there are some amazing people here).

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