Event Hopping: Oops, that event was actually a class

For the column description, see last week’s post. I had family in town Monday so I skipped events for the day. Sue me.

Event: Innovations in Global Giving with Rockefeller Institute CEO Melissa Berman
Food: None
Summary: The combination of having a terrible headache, a lot of unplayed games of Scramble with Friends, and a disappointing lack of food offerings made for a whole lot of not paying attention. From the parts I listened to I picked up that people tend to donate their money to charity to make themselves look good, and that there are ways to be strategic in one’s philanthropy. Kind of interesting I guess but not exactly earth-shaking news. Also, did I mention no food? I left early.
Grade: C

Event: Queering Anti-Imperalism
Food: None
Summary: I’m not sure what the conspiracy to not offer food at these events is all about, but I’m not feeling it. “Queering Anti-Imperialism,” hosted by student advocates from the New School, is exactly what it sounds like–a little bit off the beaten path, if you catch my drift. Let’s just say I’m guessing there wasn’t a whole lot of overlap in the attendance of this event and Brown Republicans meetings. I didn’t understand more than one in every three words they said, because most of it was about homoeroticism in developing blah blah blah blah oh my god it was amazing. I’m having trouble conveying the spirit of the event, but you should’ve been there.
Grade: A+ or F, I can’t decide.

Event: SHAG Presents Pornucopia
Food: Oreos, Pizza, Soda, Condoms, Dental Dams… wait what?
Summary: Gay porn, lesbian porn, old people porn, experimental porn… all the porn you could ask for! And discussion. Such a typically Brown event; also, the first one in the last two weeks that I’ve gotten through without spending copious amounts of time either playing with my phone or wishing I could play with my phone. So that should say something. And what it says is that we were watching people have sex. I was so rapt with attention that I didn’t even sample an Oreo or a dental dam.
Grade: A

Event: EDUC1130: Economics of Education I
Food: None
Summary: Due to a series of innocent misunderstandings my refusal to double-check the location of what I thought was going to be an interesting lunch time lecture about the Internet and the law, I ended up in an education lecture class that as it happens is closed to freshmen. It was actually pretty cool–there was a guest speaker who worked for the State of Rhode Island (and Providence Plantations!) on education policy. But yeah, oops. It was a class.
Grade: E (for embarrassing)

Remember, you can find your own events at Events at Brown. See you there after Thanksgiving.

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