ROFLMAO: An Embarrassing Diary Reading

There is something fascinatingly horrifying about reading the thoughts and feelings of a version of yourself from the past. The picture above is an honest-to-god screenshot of my 7th grade Xanga. For me, re-reading these entries elicits a strange combination of crippling embarrassment and odd affection. I am literally the lamest person on the planet, but at least I was listening to lesbian punk rock.

We’re sure that you feel the same way about your entries, but you’re at the point in your life where you can totally laugh at your insecure, angsty self… and be fine with others laughing at you, too. Enter ROFLMAO: An Embarrassing Diary Reading. It’s really just what it sounds like. We’ve have decided that it would be hilarious to have an event centered only around:

    1. Finding diary / letter / journal entries from our more vulnerable years
    2. Standing up in front of a crowd of supportive peers and reading these entries aloud

The place and time of this event is TBD, but we need people to read their entries! While you’re home for Thanksgiving, root around in your attic for evidence of your horrible middle school awkwardness and then email us at blog(at)browndailyherald(dot)com if you’re interested in doing a live reading!

(P.S. Lily P., since you are still my good friend in 2012, I want to make it clear that don’t think you’re a poser anymore)

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  1. good to know I also made an appearance as “young sibling ruining your chances with Puerto Rican men”

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