Useless Rankings: RI second-worst run state?

Possible mafia front?

Highly suspect.

Many Brunonians don’t acknowledge the existence of Rhode Island beyond College Hill. In our Brunonian Bubble, we have Blue State, Starbucks, Mister Sister, and the Duck & Bunny. Things seem pretty good. Not according to 24/7 Wall Street, which calculated the best and worst run states using GDP growth, employment rates, and debt management. The goal was to figure out which state best utilized its resources to the full effect. The result? Rhode Island ranks second-worst, just ahead of California.

Hey, at least our state is ahead of the Kardashian’s.

Rhode Island’s unemployment rate stands at  11.3%, which is the third highest in the country. Additionally, 14.7% of residents live below the poverty line. The state has 9.5 billion in unpaid debts. Meanwhile, the best-run state is… North Dakota (?), followed by Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah, and Iowa. I guess living out West might really be best.

In all seriousness, these rankings are a wake up call to the poor state of the Ocean State and its residents.

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