Useless Rankings: Brown sixth most stressful school…?

Long gone are the days when Brown was the happiest school. The Daily Beast has ranked Brown the sixth most stressful school behind Northwestern, Harvard, Columbia, UPenn, and WashU. Perhaps a Rhode Island marijuana legalization could go a long way after all.

I’ve always thought the SciLi was comparable to Mordor.

The rankings were calculated by the total price of tuition, the percentage of students receiving financial aid, selectivity based on the average SAT or ACT score, and the percentage of applicants admitted. A small weight was given to the amount of crime in the area (all those DPS alerts do make my heart rate go up…).  Brown, with a tuition of $56,150 a year (thanks, Mom and Dad), 49% on financial aid and 9% admission rates, starts to look pretty stressful.

Of the 25 most stressful schools, Brown ranks 15th in the “most crime” category. Go figure.

Hopefully these rankings will emotionally validate some pre-med and engineering students.

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