BREAKING NEWS: Kate Middleton Preggers!

We’re expecting a royal baby!!

Uh… Kate Middleton and Wills are, that is.

The news of The Great Royal Knocking-Up broke this morning after Kate Middleton was admitted to the hospital for acute morning sickness. Non-royals are usually just advised to eat saltine crackers for that, but what do I know?

Brits (and the rest of the world) are extremely excited because, boy or girl, the fetus residing in Kate’s Dior-clad uterus will be the heir to the British throne. Little Prince or Princess Embryo will continue to the great royal tradition of doing absolutely… nothing, but looking fabulous while doing so.

Celebrities (and a bunch of people we don’t know) took to Twitter to celebrate:

Kim Kardashian's twitter reaction

I bet she’s already planning to have one with Kanye to upstage it.

I mean, Prince Harry is clearly the best looking royal. It’s also funny because people have been speculating on Harry’s paternity for  years…

OMG the baby can go to Hogwarts!!!

Why the competition? Blue Ivy is American royalty, and Prince or Princess Embryo is British! Problem solved!

SIMBA! That makes Prince Harry Scar though… he’s too beautiful to be Scar.

Guess Wills has some fast swimmers.

Ouch. Sounds like somebody’s bitter. Don’t worry, Hazel, we can all derive consolation from the fact that in the next 9 months, Kate’s going to get fat! Congratulations, Kate and Wills. Here’s hoping that the baby inherits Pippa Middleton’s bottom and Prince Harry’s full head of hair!

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