SPONSORED: Lana Drew, Realtor and Personal Assistant Magnifique

So you’re ready to move out of the prison-like confines of Brown housing? Looking to live somewhere that doesn’t require a Brown ID swipe in a fickle, oft-broken machine to enter? Prepared to face the adult world of property maintenance and responsibility? More power to you. One problem–how are you going to find the house or apartment that’s right for you?

That’s where Lana Drew, of Lana Drew Custom Concierge Service, comes in. Lana, a realtor-personal assistant-organizer-shopper-mother stand-in extraordinaire, is the best and friendliest option in town for students looking for help in renting or purchasing an off-campus house or apartment. She is widely acclaimed by past customers—and perhaps more importantly, their parents. Just ask and she can provide a slew of rave references.

Let’s be honest, you’re still in college. You probably could use some help in your transition to independent living. Lana works with dozens of Brown students to find off-campus housing, facilitate the rental, and provide any additional assistance that you may need in your continuing off-campus living adventure.

You’ll be assured of selecting from the best prices and options available, and will have the added option of contracting Lana’s help with any issue you may stumble upon related to your new rental. Laundry? Paying bills? A rat infestation caused by not emptying the trash for twelve straight weeks? You guessed it—they’re all problems you can navigate with Lana.

So, we guess you could be lost and alone in your journey away from Brown Housing, but how silly would that be? Choose Lana, and establish a lasting relationship that will begin long before you move into your new off-campus apartment or house and last through the day you move out. Hit her up, and enjoy your improved housing experience!

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  1. Lana has been a tremendous help to me over the last year. She has single handedly made the process of living in a house off campus hassle free. Whether it is dealing with a fire alarm, getting spare keys or liasing with the landlord, Lana helps us with absolutely everything. Its not just about signing the lease for her, its about making sure that her clients enjoy the entire year that they live in the house. Kudos to Lana for making my life much easier!

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