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(Campus)Lifehacker: Waffle cake at the V-Dub

How do we even begin to explain waffle cake? We can’t. This is simply something you must try for yourself. The V-Dub holds endless possibilities. Here’s how to make your very own. (You’re welcome.)

1.  Get a mug. Any mug will do!

2. Fill your mug half way with waffle batter. Please don’t test the fates BDS staff by filling in more.

3. Strawberry sauce is optional mandatory. Next, make your way to the ice cream toppings station and have a field day.

4. We’re still not quite sure how to operate the V-Dub microwaves so…find a way to heat the mug for 45-60 seconds.

5. Take your creation out of the microwave, add some whipped cream, and Instagram the shit out of it. Enjoy!

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