Chow Down Brown: Insanely simple two-ingredient recipes

Looks easy enough, right?

If you’re a procrastinator student, you probably already know all of the possibilities of intrigue that BuzzFeed has to offer. Among the multitude of cuteness-overloads and eye-opening trips down memory lane, I was delighted to find an article on the site that would, with all success, satisfy my taste-buds as well as my desire for shameless entertainment.

Similar to how everyone wants to learn how to open a beer bottle without touching it, we all want to be able to cook something delicious without having to spend excessive amounts of money or time to do so (in reality, there’s not really a more relevant audience for either of these things than college students). Taking this up a notch, BuzzFeed compiled an extensive list of “34 Insanely Simple Two-Ingredient Recipes,” yes, two-ingredient recipes that actually work. Skeptical? Me too.

Logically, I decided that the best way to verify the truth in this claim was to test out a couple of them myself. No off-campus food shopping was necessary, no recipes were expected to take longer than 30 minutes, and the final products looked promisingly delicious. Sure, the results weren’t exactly what I expected, but you never quite know what you’re going to get when diving into the unknown abyss that is the Internet. Check out the results after the jump.

1) Flourless Nutella Cake (full recipe from Kirbie’s Cravings)

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 8.5 ounces of Nutella (both can be purchased at either Campus Market or Little Jo’s).

Before: Intriguing or discouraging?
During: Get@me, Betty Crocker.
The final product: Pa.The.Tic. An extremely underwhelming, un-glorified brownie. Tastes like a sponge soaked in Nutella. You know it’s bad when something smells significantly better than it tastes. At least I can go to sleep in an apartment that smells like the inside of Mrs. Fields’ kitchen.

2) Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream (full recipe from Two Peas and their Pod)

Ingredients: 2 bananas, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (Bananas available at the Blue Room or Jo’s; eggs for sale at Campus Market and Little Jo’s).

Before: Suspiciously easy.
During: Hey, doesn’t look so bad!
The final product: Cue the disappointed sigh. This recipe in particular truly seemed too good to be true, and alas, it was. Though the “ice cream” itself tasted good (I mean, how can you really go wrong with peanut butter and bananas), it had the consistency of an Italian ice rather than soft-serve. “Heavenly”? “Magical”? Not so much. But with four roommates, no food—even banana ice—goes to waste.

Despite the imperfect outcomes, these recipes are too easy not to try. With finals in the way-too-near distance, any excuse for a time-waster study break is a welcome one. Trust me, exams inevitably will make even your food-snobbiest friend believe that whatever you serve them is worthy of five Michelin stars.

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