Blorgchiving: The legacy of the SciLi Donkey

As finals close in and I begin to spend all hours of the night a completely healthy amount of time in the SciLi like the well-adjusted third-year student I am, all this time in the concrete building that’s made of concrete has given me ample time to think about how to improve our favorite dismal(-looking) building.

Imagine: You’re preparing yourself for a FriSC(y) night in the SciLi basement. After stocking up on some study aids from Starbucks, you pass through the cloud of smoke from hipsters congregating outside the SciLi door. To finish your pre-routine for a stint in the rectangular prism that feeds on the souls of pre-meds, you look up for some additional affirmation…

…and look upon a giant painting of an existential donkey.

“No one understands me.”

But for Brown students in 2004, this seemingly odd situation was their reality, and they were devastated when the “SciLi donkey sail(ed) away.”  Check it out after the jump.

The three-story painting, a public art display entitled “(Untitled) Donkey” or more affectionately, “Donkey in Boat,” graced the side of the SciLi for three months in 2004 and apparently gained quite a following on campus. Check it — Donkey even had 750 friends on (lol), which was a lot for 2004.

In case you think this is too hilarious to be true — though we all know our campus has no shortage of intriguing art displays — here are a few thousand words to change your mind.

After seeing this picture, we realized a giant donkey painting on the side of the SciLi was really all we’ve ever wanted in life.

(Untitled) Donkey and the SciLi in all their majesty. Note how the background of the painting matches the color of the sky… and Donkey’s forlorn eyes.

With a name like “(Untitled) Donkey,” it’s difficult to not spend most of your time contemplating your inescapable existence.

The artist, an Italian woman named Paola Pivi, reportedly said she was happy to see Donkey go on a trip to America that she wasn’t able to. Little did she know how appropriate a huge picture of a self-reflective donkey — who’s experiencing emotions that are somewhat unclear — was for a place like the SciLi, where every passing hour makes Brown students further question their concentration choice (or is that just me?).

We could only hope to have something so inspiring on our library for this finals period (shameless self-promotion here).

Ball’s in your court, Rock.

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