Once a Kacheek, always a Kacheek, man.

Shit We Love: Neopets (i.e., the reason why we’ll fail most of our finals)

Once a Kacheek, always a Kacheek, man.

Now that reading period is in full swing, what better time is there to take a trip down memory lane to the good old days? Answer: there are probably a lot of better times. For some reason, we decided to create a new account to revisit the magical world that consumed (and for some of us, defined) our adolescence. Considering this Kacheek’s intelligence is currently average, we have nothing to lose! 


Then: This game makes you use your spatial skills to strategically get the bouncy ball from one side of the garden to the other!

Now: The travelling garden gnomes are extraordinarily underrated…this game is also called Wingoball. Perhaps these are the same drunk gnomes who, according to our beloved Webmaster, sometimes eat our posts on WordPress and break Blog?

Time to Play

Then: The best time of day for neopets is when you get home from school. It may or may not be the reason I got a C+ on 7th grade science interim report (true story).

Now: If the two-hour acapella and organ concert wasn’t enough of a study break, it is perfectly acceptable to play Hasee Bounce until 4 a.m.

The Giant Omelette

Then: If you travel to Tyrannia, and go to to the plateau, you can snag a piece of the giant omelette! What’s better than free food for your virtual BFF? But don’t be greedy and take more than one slice of the omelette per day!

Now: Why do virtual pets need food? Speaking of free food, when is the naked donut run?

Wheel of Mediocrity

Then: Such a waste of 100 Neopoints.

Now: Whoever created this game had a twisted sense of humor. Are you excited? Yeah, you probably shouldn’t be.

As we get deeper into reading period and start to lose even more of our sanity, we will keep you posted on our magical adventures in Neopia. Keep on keepin’ on, and be sure to check back soon, as hopefully Slasla12’s strength will be “very strong,” and her intelligence “above average.”

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