Study break of the week: Yoga in the Rock!

Everyone knows college students, and Brown students in particular, love contradictory lifestyle choices. That’s why we gather wasteful amounts of food when we’re at the Ratty but the to-go section is “eco-to-go,” and why it’s not weird to hate on capitalism in your political science class and then take Principles of Economics to be “practical.”

So why not do yoga in the Rock during finals period? It may seem weird to stress detox in such a studious environment, but it’s also kind of awesome. Go study, then realize you didn’t do most readings, then worry about failing the class and potentially failing at life… and then go do some some yoga and tell yourself you don’t care about classes or grades anyway! The classes only last for 30 minutes and are taking place at the Rock every night this week at 9 p.m. Then, because you’ve been healthy and exercised, maybe you should go get some pizza. It makes sense…

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