Study break of the day: The cutest Golden Retriever puppies ever frolic in the snow

…And we thought there was nothing cuter than our new pet Kacheek!  This video is 2 minutes and 15 seconds long, but we recommend blocking out a good 20 minutes to enjoy this gem. The slow-mo could not be any more precious. Warning: this may make you cry out of sheer happiness, so if you are in a public place studying, take the necessary precautions. We’re not quite sure who Mark is, but we were ready to call him until we saw that all nine puppies have already been sold. (We might just have to call him anyway.)

If you’re feeling adventurous like these little pups, check out these six-week-old puppies (what’s up with the fish-eye in the first five seconds?) or the litter’s FIRST TIME OUTSIDE! It just gets better and better. If you have time (we know you do), this is also a keeper. And this. Also this.

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