DogDailyHerald, Vol. 2

DogDH was such a success the first go-round that the submissions have kept rolling in. Can’t have too many dogs at finals time, right? Here, for you, are even more canines for your study breaking pleasure… and keep ’em coming to (or to my Brown address, if you feel like finding it in the directory).

Georgia’s dogs, Hercules and Daisy.

Georgia Tollin ’15: “A similarity? Daisy is 5 years older than Hercules, and their relationship exactly mimics that of my relationship with my younger brother: Daisy’s the diva and Hercules is the trouble-maker.”

Sienna’s dog, Bally.

Sienna Zeilinger ’15: “This is Bally. We both liked The Glitch Mob before Spring Weekend… and we both appreciate a good dark roast.”

Mike’s dogs, Oliver, Angus, and Baxter.

Mike Makowsky ’13: “We’ve all lied, at one point or another, about having read Middlesex in order to impress a woman.”

Bennett’s dog, Clover.

Bennett Ferris ’13: “Clover and I resemble one another in that we are both very anxious and both afraid of big, strong men.”

Dara’s dog, Roxy.

Dara “Chillowsky” Illowsky ’14: “We are similar because we don’t have time for this and would much rather be lounging in the sun.”

Ali’s dog, Pako.

Ali Ross ’14: “This is my dog Pako. He’s a chocolate mess. Sometimes he rubs up against things because he thinks he’s a cat. Sometimes I rub up against things too, but not because I think I’m a cat.”

Lily’s dogs, Kane and Minasi.

Lily Goodspeed ’13: “These are my two dogs Minasi and Kane. They like catnip A LOT for some reason. Silly dogs!”

Becky Specking ’13: “This is Cooper. He’s a weiner dog. He doesn’t like when people bring attention to his height. Nor do I. We’re both also of German descent.”

Sam’s dog, Zoe.

Samantha Sanders ’13: “This is my dog, Zoe.  Just like me, she is smart (actually, she’s a former Rhodes Scholar—I know, she’s incredible), inquisitive, and kind of ridiculous.  Also, both of us love to have our ball thrown and are obsessed with chicken.”

Maria’s dog, Woody.

Maria Acabado ’13: “This handsome rascal is my pup Woody. Please note that Woody has the freshest white socks in the game. He loves hiding under covers and watching The Voice and all Food Network cooking competition shows. He’s a touch shy, but is actually the sweetest boy around.”

Kate’s dog, Niko.

Kate van Brocklin ’13: “Niko and I are both wolves who use one another as pillows.”

Priyan’s dog, Leo.

Priyan Wickremesinghe ’13: “We both have big noses and shaggy hair, and of course enjoy the finer things in life such as long walks in the park, and opening up the refrigerator with our heads to access glorious foodstuffs.”

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