Neopian Inflation is currently at 2.31%? What is this madness?!

Shit We Love: Neopets (Update!!)

Neopian Inflation is currently at 2.31%? What is this madness?!

It’s been 127 hours. I know you’ve all been hanging on the edge of your seats to hear about our neopets adventures! I’mma let you finish your studying (sorry I’m not sorry for bringing back an annoying trend), but first lemme tell you about some of our discoveries in the past couple of days. Treat. Yo. Self. to a quick study break!

1. Slasla 12 is fully clothed–We did some thrifting at the Money Tree and got her this new getup. But, sh*t it was 99 cents (1,000 Neopoints)!

2. Apparently it’s unacceptable to play Neopets in public–The amount of weird looks we have received for taking care of Slasla12 in the Rock, the Scili, the Blue Room, Starbucks, Blue State, ABP, Metcalf, the Ratty, lecture, section, and in review sessions is starting to get ridiculous. Ok, so maybe some of our writers may have been caught on Neopets at the gym, but it was ONE time! What up with that?

3. Neopets can best quality finals friends–If your study schedule looks anything like this, some time with a Neopet might not be too bad.  Your self esteem is on the fritz and you’re going cray. Fear not! Neopets will always be there for you. They were for this guy’s mom.

4. We found a Gypsy Camp–Not sure what we’re supposed to do there, but it exists guys! It looks spoooooky.


5. We adopted a new Neopet–His intelligence is average, but he is dying. We think he’s spent too much time in the SciLi.  Looking at this little dude’s expression, he probably missed pizza night. Maybe he just experienced his first NDR. (UPDATE: We fed him. He’s gonna be ok).

6. We tried to snag our new friend a piece of the Giant Omelette–and were told by Serbre X that we were being too greedy…oops.

7. We have a Neohome–It seems a little dark to be our Kacheek’s crib. Maybe it’s haunted?

8. We have one Neofriend–She’s also on blog. For those of you who have no shame and want to friend us, hit us up at Blogdh!


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