BlogDH’s 10 most popular posts of 2012

As a means of ushering in the new year, we figured we would recap our most popular posts of 2012!

This year we lost BrownBares, Antonio’s dollar slices, Spotted@Brown, Tedeschi, and our sanity.  We invented games, stole from (and spent way too much time in) the Ratty, produced a webseries, and dressed up for Halloween. We complimented our peers, imagined The Hunger Games at Brown, and cursed the Birmingham Small Arms Company. This year certainly was one chuck full of fun and absurd happenings, and we couldn’t be happier to have had opportunity to relish in it all with you. Without further ado, here are our most read posts of 2012:

10. Mean Trucks: Food truck feuds and unreplied tweets

Plouf Plouf is a grotsky, little byotch.

9.  Anatomy of a RISD party

“A strobe flickered in a cloud of smoke and the throbbing whine of some Scandinavian electronic band rattled my eardrums. Against the wall farthest from the door stood a kitchen table equipped with speakers and a laptop beside a large plastic alligator, apropos of nothing. A couple skinny kids sucked on Colt 45s, while another fiddled with the end of his preposterous mustache.”  Yeah, that’s about right.

8.  What not to do 24 hours before early decisions come out

For the second year in a row, Ana provided some fantastic advice to (potential) incoming pre-frosh on how to spend the 24 hours before ED decisions come out.  This year, she also survived a 305 Fitness class, had a friend visit for Spring Weekend, and visited another school.

7.  BREAKING: Alright, Spring Weekend is a mastermind…

This was our reporting of the BCA’s announcement of the 2012 Spring Weekend lineup.   Although it wasn’t quite our ideal lineup, the BCA did a solid job. As for the concerts:

  • The Glitch Mob performed an amazing Saturday set and made appearances at pretty much every single after-party that took place around campus.
  • Childish Gambino played a dope set.  Unfortunately, he didn’t play “Backpackers” (aka that song in which he mentions Brown).
  • Cam’ron decided to a) show up late, b) perform for only, like, 20 minutes, and c) half-ass the entire set.
  • The BCA should book What Cheer? Brigade as an opener every year. They’re the most fun.
  • Binder was phenomenal despite the torrential downpour.
  • Furby had a lot of fun. Although phe (?) was tempted to transfer to URI, he resisted the urge; Furbz is ever true to Brown.

6. Why being a second semester senior is awesome / Senior sendoff: How to graduate from college

Not only did Tim Make Mondays Better, but he also wrote a pair of inspiring, Thought Catalog-esque pieces discussing his views on second semester senior year and graduating. These should really be required reading for all 2013-ers.

5.  Deconstructing The Social Ivy: Penn students “cool, friendly”; all other Ivies “anti-social shut-ins”

Yeah, we couldn’t believe this wasn’t an Onion article either.  This, along with our other “holy shit it’s almost finals so let’s bitch and moan about something” post, brought us one of our most popular days ever. But yeah, Penn is terrible.

4. “Shit Brown Students Say” is here

“Ya know because like he’s writing this thing, but at the same time, he’s like writing about his experience writing this thing.”  Miss you, Tals.

3. Woman gets stuck in microscopic gap between two buildings on Thayer

Problem solved.

In what can only be described as a complete defiance of physics and intelligence, a hammered URI student managed to wedge herself horizontally in a 8- to 9-inch gap between City Sports and FedEx Kinko’s on Thayer Street. Luckily, the Providence Fire Department was able to rescue her from the gap and the Darwin Awards. We do feel bad for this girl though: if you’re reading this, send us an email and we’ll buy you some Pinkberry.

2.  A Thousand Words: Inside (partially) renovated Keeney!

This is what Keeney looked like in the beginning of the semester, but we have a sinking feeling that this will end up being a “this is why we can’t have nice things” situation by the end of the year…

1. #whatshouldwecallme: Brown Edition

Talk about capitalizing on an internet fad. GIFs explaining certain trends and things that happen at Brown just really spoke to y’all.

When we still don’t fully understand why this meme is so popular:

Also, Paxson.

(Disclaimer:  “Most popular posts” means that these are the articles the presumably sober internet gnomes who work inside Google Analytics told me that the most people read.)

Here’s to a Brunonian 2013 that’s equally exciting and insane as the events that took place in 2012. In Berg We Trust.

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