The Herald welcomes you to the new semester with a sparkly new website

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With the start of the new semester — and the icy wintry welcome Providence gave us for the first day of class — The Herald not only brought you a paper to welcome you to 2013 but yet another way to strategically waste time online.

On behalf of The Brown Daily Herald, BlogDH’s umbrella organization (or more affectionately, our wise older sibling who always makes curfew), we would like to cordially welcome you to The Herald’s sparkly, shiny, spankin’ new website.

Here’s a rundown of the site’s new features that we think make it better for you, the reader, than our previous site, courtesy of The Herald’s Strategic Director Greg Jordan-Detamore ’14 and Assistant Web Producer Neal Poole ’13:

  1. Responsive web design: So you can view our site from your iPhone, Android, iPad, iMac, Macbook Wheel — whatever screen size you need your news on, the site will optimize its resolution and design.
  2. A new & improved commenting system: To better engage you, the reader, in community discussion of our content.
  3. Enhanced display of multimedia: To bring you more of the story beyond words on a page (look out for more video, photo galleries and graphics to keep you informed).
  4. Topic pages: Curious to learn everything there is to know about Christina Paxson? Housing? Want to follow a particular sports team? Topic pages keep track of all articles that relate to specific people, places or subjects in our coverage that may interest you.
  5. Author pages: To help you follow the work of your favorite writers or see all of the content one of our staff members has produced.
  6. A better search function: So you can find the articles, photographs and multimedia you need from our recent archives as quick as you can.

As always, let us know your thoughts about the site (or other thoughts about The Herald’s future online, or anything else) by emailing us at, dropping us a comment on Facebook or sending 140 characters our way on Twitter.

Happy reading browsing!

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