FlogDailyHerald: Warm Bodies screening lacks screen; Levine ’00 still awesome

Your boy Jonathan Levine ’00

In what some might describe as an anticlimactic moment, the “advance screening” of Jonathan Levine ’00’s upcoming film Warm Bodies turned out to be neither advanced nor screened, as a projector malfunction derailed the popular event. Levine’s film had students lining up by the dozen for the few remaining seats well before the 7 p.m. scheduled start, but those unable to secure a spot can enjoy a nice bit of schadenfreude knowing that the actual evening turned out to be 30 minutes of waiting followed by 45 minutes of Q&A followed by 1 minute(s) of “Get the fuck out of here, our projector’s broken.” 

Nonetheless, Levine’s appearance was an occasion of its own right, as the MCM concentrator took questions covering his Brown experience, his career path, and the necessary handful anxious to hear advice for “aspiring [name of film-related career here].” Levine was frank, funny, and informative; he was particularly enthusiastic about Professor Leslie Thornton’s Intro to Filmmaking course (available this semester, for the record). A makeup screening may or may not be offered this week (keep your eye out for more details – those in attendance today have first crack at tickets), but Warm Bodies will be out to the viewing public this Friday and Levine promises you’ll like it or your money back (not really, sucker, 10 bucks is 10 bucks).

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