How Not to be a Freshman: Love is in the air


Hello, readers!  It’s good to be back. After succumbing to Mono this winter break, I’ve had a lot of time to watch movies, go through multiple TV series, read some weird self-help dating books, and bake. I basically became an old spinster over break.  Pathetic? Slightly, but you try having Mono over Christmas.

At home, I met up with old friends and heard about their escapades, problems, and new boyfriends. In fact, I spent one evening listening to my friend drone on endlessly about her beau who almost told her he loved her. Ew. The only thing preventing me from gauging my eyes out with my fork was the chocolate cake that was on its way. Another friend was engaging in a “Friends with Benefits” type thing but secretly wanted more. As I listened to their relationship problems, I reveled in the fact that I had none of my own. I was single and free and boy, it felt good.

However, upon arriving back on campus, I suddenly saw couples everywhere. It was almost as if romance was laughing at my singleness. I felt like I was slowly becoming the Grinch. All I wanted to do was run through their tightly interlocked hands, Red Rover-style. I watched all these couples in various stages of dating bond over Starbucks lattes in the snowy weather. Although it was entertaining, it was also annoying. I was trying to study!

Winter seems to be a season during which romance is on the rise. No one wants to be alone during the cold weather or the festive holidays. The only thing holding my hand this winter was my warm, fuzzy mitten. However, if you’re like me, all you have to do is wait a few more months. Spring fever will soon hit.  The weather will warm, clothes will come off, the sun will (hopefully) come out. Spring fever brings an end to most of those winter romances—people don’t want to be tied down before graduation, Spring Weekend, or summer.

This Facebook chart helps prove my theory: It summarizes the peak break up times based on the cyber changes in people’s relationship statuses. Notice how breakups skyrocket right around spring break. I’m telling you, it’s the fever.


So, if you’re feeling a little glum or lonely this winter or on Valentine’s Day, just remember, spring fever is on its way. Hopefully Mono isn’t.

With love,

Luna Lovebad

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