Students who do cool things: Brown Up to Us and Common Sense Action

Brown is currently competing in Up to Us, a competition that highlights extraordinary demonstrations of campus advocacy, specifically geared towards our nation’s massive debt. If we win, President Bill Clinton will recognize us for our efforts as a university. We are currently in second place. Take a second to think about how cool this is. Here we are, competing against massive schools like the University of Virginia and the University of Texas, and we’re within reach of winning. All you have to do is engage with Brown Up to Us’s Causes page. Every time you click on a link or answer a question, Brown gets one point closer to recognition from President Clinton.

76636_290797407688150_1961104227_nWho do we have to thank for getting us in this competition for the first place? Meet Common Sense Action, a student group that strives to bring the youth voice to the policy-making table. Founded by Samuel Gilman ’15, Andrew Kaplan ’15, and Heath Mayo ’13 in the midst of our national debt crisis, Common Sense Action stresses the importance of future generations when making national decisions. Common Sense Action provides a grassroots outlet for young Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to vocalize their demands for strong bi-partisan leadership by creating a cooperative political landscape, eliminating uncompromising extremism on both sides of the political spectrum, and paving a sturdy and promising future. All too often, as policy-makers create legislation to please voter blocs and various interest groups, the importance of the future is placed on the back burner. Common Sense Action believes we can change that.

As second semester commences, we’re all enjoying our ability to follow our academic whims by shopping classes. (Sure, shopping may be a tad overwhelming, but there’s always this handy flowchart.) But there’s more to why we love this place than simply the powerful learning opportunities–it’s the people. The passion that pumps through the veins of our student body. That’s why we came here.

We all bring our unique interests to the Brown landscape, and we’re united by the fact that we all care.  Common Sense Action understands that a few clicks might seem insignificant and a little silly, but think about the powerful message we can send to the country as Brown students, dedicated to proactive change and supportive of our fellow students…And it will only take a minute. Let’s show the world how much we care about our voices being heard. It’s that simple.

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