Blog Odds: Brown Scramblers

Brown scramblers

Our school’s social activity online becomes increasingly weird and intriguing with each new outlet. First we took the step from innocent eyeing to full-on baring. When that got out of hand, we reverted to anonymously complimenting. We got tired of that, so we moved on to criticizing and eventually admiring. Now, as a new semester brings new possibilities of online entertainment, it looks like we’re about to start…scrambling? If you haven’t already, meet Brown Scramblers, the newest entry in Brown students’ eccentric online lineup.

At this point, the whole thing is still shrouded in mystery. The title alludes to the well-documented Senior Scramble phenomenon. The profile’s 515 friends (hopefully all Brown students) are currently staying tuned for the “Big Event.” Its “About Me” and cover photo make it unclear whether it’s referring to sexual exploration or eggs. It turned 21 last week.

We’ve heard a lot of the buzz and theories about Brown Scramblers over at BlogHQ, but we’re still not sure of the profile’s purpose or what this “Big Event” during spring is. Until we figure it out, we’ll enjoy playing the odds. Here are some of our best bets on Brown Scramblers’ endgame:

An event for sexually adventurous seniors to meet each other, make eggs, and make out upside down while wearing beanies- 3:1
The most sound bet based on data gathered from the Facebook page.

A Brown speed-dating event- 7:1

A Brown speed egg-making competition- 7:1
Winner gets cuts-for-life at the Ratty omelet line.

Nude Ratty breakfast- 100:1

Promiscuous Easter egg hunt- 45:1
Brown’s take on a classic holiday tradition.

Guerrilla marketing plan by Tinder- 13:1

Egg fight on Wriston- 20:1
Scrambled vs. over easy.

Someone’s mom trying to spy on her kid’s college friends- 10:1
I have 59 mutual friends with Brown Scramblers… if this is my Mom, she’s doing a pretty good job. 

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