Lessons in the ‘Girls’ Lexicon: “Wednesday night”

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Wednesday night (n.)A weeknight when Hannah does something out of her comfort zone to make a clean break from the tedium of her otherwise boring life.

How it’s used in the show: “[i]t’s a Wednesday night, baby, and I’m alive!” declares Girls’s leading lady Hannah Horvath, smacking her yellow-mesh-clad chest, post-coke bender.

It’s a sentiment not unfamiliar to many Brown students. While Hannah’s crazy Wednesday night out was intended for (semi-questionable) writing inspiration, Brown students have historically been using this day of the week as a way to blow off some steam. There are few better ways to give the finger to your studies and responsibilities than by getting a little drunk and/or dance-y at your bar of choice. It seems the majority of Brown students flock to South Water Street’s “Whiskey Republic,” affectionately referred to as “Whisko” in memoriam of the beloved previous tenant, “FishCo.” As far as we’re concerned, Thursday morning classes don’t exist.

We’re not advising you to get drunk every Wednesday (or to participate in drug-related debauchery, Hannah Horvath style) so much as we’re suggesting that you take a little break and do something for yourself. This can be as simple as cooking dinner with some friends, going to an extra-long yoga class, or catching up on your favorite TV series.

Wednesday is called “Hump Day” for a reason. Getting through Wednesday means you’ve made it up the metaphorical hill that is the school/work week, and this is cause for celebration. Marnie (Hannah’s roommate) takes “Hump Day” more literally—in Sunday’s episode, we witnessed her spending Wednesday night having starfish style sex with that tiny “smeedge” of an artist Booth Jonathan. While that may not be our personal activity of choice (even after seeing the amazingness that is Jorma Taccone’s ass dimples), we hold no judgment in how everyone decides to celebrate having conquered the shit out of Wednesday.

It’s Wednesday night, baby, and we’re alive. So do yourself a favor and put away the books, even if it’s just for a couple hours.

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