Did you really read that ResLife email? So many (campus)lifehackers.

It’s during the depths of winter that the temperature of our dorm rooms never seems to reach a comfortable medium; instead, it only seems to fall on polar opposite sides on a scale that has “Inferno” on one end and “Arctic Circle” on the other. This afternoon, ResLife sent out a comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing graphic that outlines five different ways to “stay cozy this winter.” Would we have loved to see this a few weeks ago when the temperature plummeted to a mere 7 degrees? Sure, but we’re not complaining. We only have a few more weeks until spring, but in the meantime, these tips will make all the difference.

Additionally, if you live on Wriston or in Keeney, you also should have received a handy dandy chart that teaches you how to use the new environmentally conscious toilets with the pretty green handles. ResLife is (literally) lifehacking left and right, respectively. Stay warm!

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