Super Bowl XLVII Ads: A retrospective review

Someone told me the 49ers and Ravens a football game last night was prelude and postlude to the life-changing Destiny’s Child reunion. Anticipation for the concert (and shock after it) was so great that companies paid millions of dollars for mere 30-second ad spots. OK, I’m kidding. Super Bowl XLVII was great. New Orleans got blackout, and the Niners almost pulled off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. That being said, the ultra-high production value ads deserve their assessment as well. Here are BlogDailyHerald’s awards/superlatives for last night’s commercials:

1. Best space commercial. There were four that fit the bill last night (including babies!), but the winner is definitely the 30-second spot for Axe Apollo. Now we know that the great chain of being goes something like Spaceman>Lifeguard>Shark.

2. Most patriotic. A no-brainer in this department. Titled “Whole Again,” this Jeep commercial, which aired during Beyoncé-time halftime, pulled right at our heartstrings with an emotional portrayal of veterans finally coming home. I bought six Wranglers this morning.

3. Greatest revenge of the nerds. Surprisingly, a tight contest here. We had dateless kid, who drives an Audi, kisses the Prom Queen, and gets punched. Then we have the programmer who gets to make out with Bar Refaeli. Was it gratuitous? Almost definitely. Did it give all nerds around the world hope? Of course. Winner to the man without a black eye.

4. Best animal. My apologies to anyone ever competing against a Budweiser Clydesdale in this category. The Doritos goat put up a valiant, shriek-y, crunchy effort, and Kia put baby pandas in space, but that foal was just too cute. On another note, I think the guy playing the trainer deserves a nod for holding his ground while a full-grown monster of a horse rushes toward him.

5. That was just kind of weird… So you’re telling me that when old people rage, they fiend for Taco Bell? I honestly don’t know what else I was supposed to get out of that ad. Weird. Really weird.

6. Best football game in a Super Bowl ad. That kid in the Hyundai ad brought in a squad to beat those bullies. I bet the bear-wrestler is the one who whipped the ball at the bully at the end of the commercial.

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