Students who do cool things: William Twyman (aka Chuck Da Ruckus) ’16

Say hello to Renaissance man William Twyman ’16, a freshman linebacker, BEO concentrator, and musician.  Although he is a jack of many trades, Twyman has always had a strong interest in music. During his teenage years, Twyman discovered that he had a knack for freestyling and started recording music by his junior year of high school under the name “Chuck Da Ruckus.” Chuck Da Ruckus quickly gained recognition in the freestyle community and on Brown’s campus for his music videos for “Friday Night Fade” and “Most Consistent.” Read more after the jump.

Chuck likes to channel one of his favorite artists, Big Sean, when writing his own lyrics. They have more meaning and purpose than other lyrics that stress “making money and partying.”

“Everything I rap about are things that I truly do,” he says. “The second you start straying from what you do in your lyrics, people will know that your lyrics aren’t real.” He also enjoys listening to artists like Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Blink-182, Florence + the Machine, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar. Chuck Da Ruckus had a dream (we see you, Spring Weekend).

Chuck incorporates his eclectic interests and hectic lifestyle into his lyrics. He writes about finding balance in life all the while enjoying himself and having a good time. He genuinely enjoys writing lyrics because it’s a creative mode of thinking that’s drastically different from the tactical strategy that’s required on the football field. In addition to creating lyrics, Chuck raps, adding another dimension to his work. You can see him dropping beats in his sick music videos. We’re still trying to figure out how the man in “Most Consistent” wasn’t scared of all of those pigeons, but that’s another story.

This past year has been incredible for Twyman and for his music. Since his arrival to Brown, he has received overwhelming support from fellow students, which he constantly finds inspiring and humbling. This past winter break, Chuck Da Ruckus took a recording trip to the West Coast with Matty Trump, a music producer and songwriter, who is best known for having done work with Sammy Adams and got to work more on some music videos and his upcoming mixtape. When asked about any rap battles at school, Chuck replied he has yet to encounter any other rappers at Brown. If you’re reading this and you can drop dem beats, hit him up.

So what’s on the horizon for Chuck Da Ruckus? Expect a a new mixtape. According to Chuck, the new songs on his EP have a “new flow to them” that he hopes his listeners will truly enjoy. He will be releasing a new video very soon, and he’s also hoping to make some appearances either on campus or in Providence this semester. Be sure to like him on Facebook and stay tuned for his new music. Get pumped!

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  1. Mark

    Great blog. Your audience might want to see will’s latest work that climbing fast. The new video Gimme What You Got was just posted on his you Tube channel.

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