The Brown Beat: HALFWAY

Brown’s creative culture can be tough to get a grip on. With so many talented artists pursuing diverse passions, some great material goes unseen or unheard. The Brown Beat, Blog’s latest column, seeks to remedy this. Through highlighting students and groups of all artistic disciplines and promoting collaborative projects, The Brown Beat will serve as an informational hub for student art at Brown. 

When Chae Lin Suh ’15 heard last semester that the Hillel Gallery had an upcoming opening, she pounced. Ten sophomore visual artists received her email. They quickly signed on, and without any notions of concept or direction, she had the makings of an exhibit.

A few months later, the pieces are finished and a thoughtful show is ready for its debut. HALFWAY, a collaborative exhibition between 11 sophomores, opens tonight at 8pm in Hillel. As the title suggests, the show explores being at a halfway point in life. As Chae puts it, it deals with the “space in between or the time in the middle.” The show features 13 original pieces and one recently-created collaborative effort. Check out the making of the latter here:

As for the 11 scurrying backsides you see there: Lee Bernstein ’15, Elizabeth Cox ’15, Nicole Hasslinger ’15, Wes Sanders ’15, Ignacio Seremene ’15, Danny Sobor ’15, Chae Lin Suh ’15, Emily Toomey ’15, Caleb Weinrib ’15, our very own Sarah Weiss ’15, and Katy Windemuth ’15 all have pieces in the show. All Class of 2015, all heavy-hitters with their own unique approaches.

HALFWAY is exciting because it’s familiar. We’ve all been there, shopping for shiny new concentrations and alternative career options during our mid-college crises. Now we have a cast of all-star artists to express our conflicts so we can carry on repressing them. Swing by the Hillel Gallery from 8-10 p.m. tonight to see what they’ve come up with. Snacks, drinks, and the live stylings of Clyde Lawrence ’15 and the Arun Janssens ’15 combo could turn this thing into a good and proper art party.

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