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It’s unavoidable: even if we don’t always feel comfortable speaking our minds, there is some diversity of opinion at Brown. Everyone has different tastes and feelings, and it can be tough to voice our true thoughts if we know they go against the grain.

Unpopular opinions usually come to light in terms of the Big Questions, things like politics and religion. But what you might not realize is that some of your fellow students have thoughts about life in Brunonia that would shock you to the core. Or maybe you do realize, because you have feelings about Brown that don’t quite go along with the majority yourself.

Dialogue is important, so I solicited unpopular opinions from other Blog writers and constructed a highly scientific BlaspheMeter to determine exactly how ashamed you should be of your seemingly unacceptable Brown opinions.

I really love the Ratty.” – 2 out of 10 on the BlaspheMeter

Everyone loves to hate on the Ratty, but it does have some things going for it.  It’s centrally located, and you pay for food using Monopoly money rather than cash. Sure, it’s not gourmet, but there are always so many options that you’re going to find something you enjoy eating—even if, on a particularly lackluster day, that means dinner is soft serve and a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats. Plus, going to the Ratty is a social experience that—believe it or not—you might actually miss when you’re a senior off meal plan. You’ve got no reason to be ashamed of this one.

“I’ve lived in Keeney for three years now.  And I like it.” – 4 out of 10 on the BlaspheMeter

This confession would have gotten a lower score if two of those three years weren’t pre-renovations. Much like the Ratty, Keeney has location and social opportunities working in its favor, and now it also has gorgeous kitchens and lounges. Not everyone is going to love living in Keeney, but if you bond with the people on your hall and have a lot of classes on the Main Green, putting up with the noise and the puke could be totally worth it. My dirty little secret?  I spent my sophomore year in a Keeney triple, and I enjoyed it, too.

“Any and all a cappella makes me want to gouge my eyes out.” – 6 out of 10 on the BlaspheMeter

Anyone who knows me knows that this confession is, in my world, just about as unfathomable as it gets. I love a cappella (my parents even paid the Derbies to serenade me on my birthday, true story), but I’ll also admit that it’s not for everyone. It is for most people, though, especially with the huge range of singing groups at Brown.  Whether you’re looking for talented people singing with no instruments, eye candy, or extremely drunk pirates, there’s an a cappella group for almost everyone. We also have so many groups that if you confess you’re not feeling the archsings, there’s a huge probability you’ll offend someone in the near vicinity. That’s your risk to take.

“I’ve peed in the showers at Keeney.” – 10 out of 10 on the BlaspheMeter

Ew. Seriously? This is why we wear shower shoes.

“I’ve never used Critical Review.” – 1 out of 10 on the BlaspheMeter

Critical Review is incredibly helpful, in theory, and I really do appreciate the amount of work that goes into publishing it every semester.  However, I’m not totally certain that this is an unpopular opinion…

“I don’t like Chicken Finger Friday.” – 9 out of 10 on the BlaspheMeter

Do you even go here?  Sure, sure, this is a safe space—but seriously?  Everyone likes chicken fingers.  Even vegetarians like chicken fingers—but since they won’t can’t eat them, there are vegan nuggets. From what I’ve heard, they’re pretty good too. And dessert is always delicious on Chicken Finger Friday: M&M cookies, Rice Krispie treats, or V-Dub soft serve (which is indisputably better than Ratty soft serve).  The only thing the Ratty has going for it on Fridays at lunchtime is the total lack of crowds and lines.

If you have a Brown confession you don’t see here, leave it in the comments—anonymously, if you must.  It might not be as unpopular as you think.

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