Introducing Fuck Yeah Brown University presented by BlogDailyHerald

(BlogDH) Ursus paxsusTumblr is a weird, yet awesome place. It has pretty much everything, from cats, porn, hipsters, artsy photography, and teenage girls complaining about how alone they are. It also has a fansite for anything you have ever thought of… including Brown.

If you’re active on Tumblr, you may have noticed Fuck Yeah Brown University, a website dedicated to Brunonia and all it entails. From answering questions from panicked high school seniors to making fun of the usual silliness that comes out of Brown students’ mouths, FYBU provides you with all of your Tumblr-Brown needs.

And starting today, we’re officially part of BlogDailyHerald! They gave us a snazzy new layout and some new staff (click here to check it out). We’re so excited to meet all of you internet folk over at our home turf.

Bruno and Josiah (the admins of FYBU)

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