BlogSnowyJamz: Nemo edition

We suffered through a brutal weekend of 18 inches of snow, power outages, and crazy Ratty mobs. Here’s our Nemo soundtrack:

Jam of the Week – Chromeo – Don’t Turn the Lights On
Dear people who live on Thayer St, sorry your power went out.
Love, people who live on Governor St.

Alternative – Oh Land – White Nights
Oh Land  was a professional ballerina when she broke her back…. so she casually became a beautiful singer. NBD. (via her wikipedia page). This song is such a snow frolicking song!

Pop – Miike Snow – Black & Blue
If you went sledding on Ratty trays and didn’t get bruises on your ass you are a LIAR.

Hip-Hop – Goodie Mob -Black Ice
I wiped out on my driveway slipping on black ice and tried to pretend it didn’t hurt… but it kinda did.

Throwback – Snow Patrol – Spitting Games
Ok ok, it’s just their name “snow” that makes this snow-themed. But this song came out in 2003 WTF WE’RE SO OLD. I’m existential crisis-ing.

Sensitive Singer-Songwriter – Sufjan Stevens – Majesty Snowbird
Obligatory Sufjan song. This one was never released on an album so it’s super *special*

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