BlogDH Panel: How we spent our snow day

I spent my snow day(s) in my room catching up on work and singing along at the top of my lungs to this during my multiple daily showers, but apparently there were actually entertaining things to do over the weekend outside of the 4th floor of Champlin. For those of you who spent your weekend like I did, here’s a chance to live vicariously through the snow day adventures of the BlogDH panel
-David Oyer

Julius Caesar Marcus Aurelius spent his snow day riding a horse. How original.

Snowball Fighting and Sledding
Lily and I hobbled around the Main Green, I with my fractured toe and she with her sprained knee, for the epic snowball fight. Then we went sledding at India Point Park. Once I regained feeling in my extremities, I made some peppermint hot chocolate and then traipsed back through the knee-deep snow to a whiskey potluck. The next day was more of the same, plus free Ratty and sledding down the awesome hills at Moses Brown. Definitely some of my favorite days so far at Brown, and only in small part because of the novelty of a snow day. [Actually I got the sprained knee when a friend bodyslammed me into a half-constructed snow fort.-Lily Goodspeed]
-Remy Robert

Makeshift Downhill Skiing
My friend Brady decided to ski down the staircase on Meeting Street and go off a jump he fashioned out of the hood of a partially submerged car. This video has already racked up 60 likes on his Facebook, so he is killing.

-Matt Klimerman

Late Night Exploring
As a native northener, this snow wasn’t too novel, but hanging out with my southern roommate, Alexis, was just about the best thing that could have happened to me. We made snow-berry daiquris (virgin, of course) and trudged to the Main Green at 2 AM. Alexis, the Instagram Queen, had to stop at every street corner, but her absurd delight was sort of infectious. Thank god we bought a Jumbo Pack of Swiss Miss at Price Rite and found some boys and Snuggies to cuddle with, though. It was friggin’ cold out there.
-Esme Ricciardi

Late Night Exploring, Vol.2
Like Esme said, I was freaking out the whole time it was snowing, from the measly flurries to the inches/feet of snow. So when it was blizzarding (is that the correct term?) outside, Esme and I ran around outside for a while to document the snow. I took many blurry pictures, lost my ID, and then found myself in various buildings. Also, I am shocked that we had classes on Monday. If we were in Tennessee, we would probably be out for at least a good week and a half.
-Alexis Rodriguez

Not Caring
I’m from Colorado, so I looked out my window, laughed, and went back to sleep. (In all seriousness, I thought this weekend was super fun and I spent most of my time pushing unsuspecting victims into snow banks.)
-Sydney Mondry

Hanging Out in an Igloo
I chilled (literally) in an igloo.
Sheinman in an Igloo
-Adam Sheinman

Building “Important Friendships”
Don’t get me wrong, I love snow as much as the next guy, but I really wanted to take this window of opportunity to catch up with my bestie gals. When I say bestie gals, I should probably clarify that they are President Bartlet, Joshua Lyman, C.J. Cregg, and my teddy bear.
-Charlotte Bilski

Working Out
I walked to John St. and Hope in the thick of the blizzard after sledding down the side of the Rock. I felt like Dennis Quaid in the Day After Tomorrow. The next day I played Rugby/Football in the snow with the biddies. Well, they were playing Rugby, but I was playing a hybrid of football and “keep it up.” I won MVP for my 108 yard play.
-Caitlin Dorman

Trying Out a New Look
I slipped and fell upwards of six times total, but that is just an estimate. I also downloaded an amazing app that everyone should get instantly called OldBooth (no space, with a space is a different app), in which you can insert your face into great vintage photos. I discovered a giant afro could be my thing.
-Deena Butt

After a proper 13-hour hibernation, I stomped over to the Ratty and looted some supplies: cereal, peanut-butter and of course a tray. I inhaled the first two for an energy boost and headed off with a friend for some Tony Hawk Pro Sledder: Providence. We hit all the hot spots and then some, including a notable historical society landmark. Afterwards the roomies huddled up and watched Perks of Being a Wallflower and things got a little emotional.
-Connor McGuigan

We hope your snow days were as fun as ours.

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