Free food digest: February 12, 2013

freefooddigestEat free or dine trying.

LiNK N. Korea Film Screening
7-8:15 p.m.
Smitty-B G18
LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) is sponsoring a screening of “The People’s Crisis.” They claim to be part of a “modern Underground Railroad.” That’s awesome. Oh, and so is the free Korean food.

WiSE Valentine’s Day Party 
6-7 p.m.
Science Center

Now you can get heart-shaped cookies/cupcakes that actually have four chambers and all of that fun anatomically correct stuff.

ROTC and Military Commissioning Info Session
12-1 p.m.
J. Walter Wilson 411

Free pizza for those who show up to learn from current Brown cadets about becoming a military officer.

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