Thursday on Wriston: Harlem Shake meets Brown

The semester has been underway for a couple weeks now, shopping period has come and gone, and you’re probably deciding on which classes to take S/NC. Pretty soon midterms will start (if they haven’t already) and it’ll seem like there’s little time left to relax. In the midst of this, sometimes the stress can feel overwhelming. As a result, sometimes ya just gotta shake it out. Introducing the Harlem Shake: Brown Edition, our very own chance to be famous on YouTube relieve stress and make an epic video.

You might ask, “What is the Harlem Shake?” For those who are less familiar, I think it’s best to show and not tell:

1) Harlem Shake (Army Style). What else does the Norwegian Army have to do?

2) Harlem Shake (Portuguese TV Show). Getting weird.

3) Harlem Shake (Firefighters). I’m changing my future profession.

Those are just a few videos from a trend that went viral earlier this year. Each video is around 30 seconds long and consists of a single person dancing (with a mask on, ideally), then being joined by a ridiculous combination of other people once the music drops. It has spread to college campuses across the country, including Harvard and Yale (mediocre attempts at best), and now, it’s coming to Brown.

This Thursday, February 14, at 1 p.m. on Wriston Quad, we will get our chance to show up everyone else. This is going to be insane. Wear weird clothing. Bring the strangest objects possible. Get ready to shake that which was endowed to you by your parents or, as Lil’ Jon would say, what your mama gave ya.

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