Long distance lovin’: Valentine’s Day in a LDR

Love through cyberspace and time.

Love is in the (virtual) air

I think we can all agree that Valentine’s Day is usually much more depressing than it is enjoyable. When you’re a kid, you’re sad because that girl with the blonde hair and 10 Tamagotchis got more cards with Spongebob or puppies on them than you. As an adult, you’re in a relationship and experiencing some sort of a crisis about whether or not you should be together. It goes something like this:

  • Does he really not believe in commercial holidays or does he not respect me enough to celebrate with me? And do I really want to date the pretentious cheapskate who doesn’t believe in commercial holidays?

Or like this:

  • Does he really think that a V-Dub cupcake is a substantial gift?

Or you’re horribly, horribly alone.

Maybe that’s just me. But it’s universally acknowledged that February 14th can lead to pretty nasty feelings. Perhaps one of the worst situations to be in on Valentine’s Day is in a long-distance relationship. LDRs are tragically common among college-goers and if you, like many, will not be with your significant other this Hallmark holiday season, never fear! Blog is here to give you some suggestions on how to make this Valentine’s Day less lonely:

  1. Giving and receiving: Though USPS has cut down on its delivery services, it will still be able to get your significant other a gift by Valentine’s Day if you hurry. Be it a homemade gift or card, an Edible Arrangement, a thoughtful (last-minute) purchase from her Amazon wishlist, or a weird seed that blossoms into a plant that reads “I Love You”, people love to get a physical token of affection. The sappier the gift the better, because for some reason LDRs tend to err on the side of sickeningly cute. When the physical relationship goes out the window, it seems like you need to rely on a lot of romance to keep that sucker alive. [Just as a side note, if anyone wants to send me-or anyone with a soul and taste buds-a gift, a lot of these places deliver.]
  2. Dinner and a movie: This classic standard will likely be a popular one for same-location couples, but you’ll have to make a few adjustments. Both of you should go to your favorite take-out restaurant and bring food back to your place. Then set up a laptop with Skype and a great movie to watch simultaneously. This is pretty much the oldest LDR trick in the book. You could probably spice it up, by watching a movie together, but either way, make sure you have some privacy. Your roommate probably doesn’t want to be subject to any of this.
  3. Virtual dating: Since the early 2000s, people have been hanging out in internet chat rooms and virtual worlds (against our mother’s wishes.) Plenty of 14-year-olds met their significant others over Neopets– and you can have an internet boyfriend too! Join World of Warcraft together and help your sweetheart deliver the Manual of Engineering Disciplines to Tinkermaster Overforge to learn more about Gnome Engineering. Fight some Blood Elves together. WoW even has an annual event called “Love is in the Air” to help you get in the romantic spirit. If you’re not into all things fantasy, there’s a more modern virtual reality called Second Life, which, while considered somewhat creepy in mainstream media, fits the bill. Note: getting in-universe virtual naughty bits to play with when the date is over can be pricey.
  4. Apps are for lovers: Most of us are already in relationships with our phones, but this Thursday, you can use your over-developed Words With Friends skills to impress your girlfriend. Sit down with a blanket and a yule log video in the background and pretend you and your love are playing Scrabble by the fire. Super romantic. There are plenty of other apps designed specifically for long-distance couples, so feel free to check those out.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your Valentine’s Day this year and try not to put too much pressure on it. Because, seriously, it’s probably going to suck anyway.

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