The best posters of the Keystone XL pipeline protest


photo via Yifan Zhang ’15

The long weekend proved eventful for many Brown students. Some went back home and indulged in homemade meals until their stomachs went numb. Some stayed on campus and caught up with their assigned readings the latest series of Doctor Who. Others rode eight hours on a Washington DC-bound bus to march to the White House in the ungodly cold and protest the pending construction of the Keystone XL pipeline along with 50,000 other people. I was one of these students.

Most of these individuals belong to the campus group RISCC (Rhode Island Student Climate Coalition), though they were also joined by Sierra Club Members and other fellow Rhode Islanders.

Now don’t panic, I’m not here to give you a dreary science lesson or to scold you on your preexisting viewpoints regarding our climate. You don’t need to be bombarded with statistics or preachy arguments. However, I am here to show you some wickedly awesome protest signs made by Brown students and prove that participating in a protest in not only life-changing, but also just plain fun.

Nerdiness Aplenty


If you are not cracking up right now by the clever use of this meme, shame on you. And, can we please take a second to appreciate the impeccable drawing skills of this person? Oooo, pretty colors…


I like to imagine that Luke Skywalker was holding this sign with Yoda on his back (or Han Solo, I’m not picky).


If there’s any R&B singer I’ll listen to, it’s Alicia Keys aka co-singer of Empire State of Mind aka most tear-jerking song ever. I’m just a bit worried at how happy she looks in this drawing. Passive aggressiveness, perhaps?


Pshh, physicists are for clean energy toooo! Engineers, always on their high horse. No, I’m not biased at all. In all seriousness though, someone teach me how to draw a house as adorable as this one.


Poster created by yours truly. I was debating between this caption and “Think of the kittens!” but you can never go wrong with an assertive Gandalf (sorry cats of the world please don’t hate me). Note my unparalleled copy and paste skills.

Ohhh Snap


And the meme references just keep on coming!

Straight to the Point


“Clean” and “bright” definitely pack a positive connotation. The squiggly lines are also strangely soothing. Peace and love, my friends.


I commend this person for the detailing on the poster. It really adds pizazz, and the bright red screams, “Look at me! I am democracy in action!”


Ugh, what is it with all you non-artistically challenged people? Please, teach me your ways. My 3D letters make me cry.

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