You could be this year’s Spring Weekend DJ

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Are you into “dope beats?” Do you dabble in DJing? Are you one of the many aspiring (and talented) Brunonian DJs? Then this announcement is for you: This Spring Weekend, the Brown Concert Agency will be featuring a student DJ during the set changes of the Saturday show. Said DJ would be playing with the likes of Kendrick, Deerhunter, and Dirty Projectors. Take that in for a second. You could be that DJ.

If you’re interested in submitting work, make sure to email a mix and/or video of a performance of yours to Submissions are due Friday, March 15. Don’t forget to write “First name, Last name SW2013 Student DJ” as the subject line. Once all applications are in, three finalists will be chosen. Their fates are then put in the hands of the members of the student body, who will then vote on the DJ they so desire. Let the games begin.

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