Providence French Film Festival now playing


The Providence French Film Festival, co-sponsored by the MCM Department, is running through Sunday at the Cable Car Cinema (204 Main Street, down the Hill and just in front of the river). As reluctant as I am to endorse anything MCM-related – I’m still a little worried that the French film I saw Sunday comes with required theoretical readings on the psychosexual motivations of the animated characters – this is the place to be if you consider yourself artsy or trendy or hipster or none of those things but still someone who likes cool shit. The festival is screening 18 different movies two times each (although it has been happening since the 21st and a few have already ended their runs), and most of them are critically acclaimed.

Also, if you’ve never been to a movie at the Cable Car, as I hadn’t, you should just get the hell down there whether or not you like reading subtitles or hearing yourself described as a “Francophile” (i.e. whether you care about French film). It is one of the most delightful theater-going experiences – perhaps the most delightful – that I’ve ever enjoyed. Any venue that can replace previews with an ad for their Kickstarter to purchase digital projection and seem even cuter for doing so must have some kind of inexplicable magic about it. Plus, there’s a full-fledged cafe inside that serves a number of self-described “Good Eats” (they are indeed good). So go. And go now, so you can tell your parents you’re a cultured Ivy League student who does shit like go to the “Providence French Film Festival.”

The French Film Festival runs through Sunday, March 3. The full schedule can be found here

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