New Writer Profiles: We have Blog babies!

(BlogDH) New Writers

At the beginning of the semester, we took on a new set of writers to join our wonderful staff. As a first assignment, we had them learn about each other so you could effectively learn about all of them. As you can probably tell, we think they’re superheroes already. Enjoy.

Kate Storey-Fisher: New writer, Kate Storey-Fisher, refers to herself as a “first-year” student…apparently the word freshman is too “androcentric.” She is 19 years old, from San Francisco, and taller than an oompa loompa. While Kate is a Physics major, she is actually most passionate about Instagramming, Snapchatting, baking, Zumba-ing, photoshopping, hiking, and, as of two weeks ago, BlogDailyHeralding. From the West Coast, Kate isn’t quite used to the snow, so she wishes that she could fly to avoid slipping on ice and falling flat on her face on her way from Pembroke to Barus & Holley.

-Rebecca Steinberg

Joseph Frankel: Joseph Frankel, or JFranks, is not one of those “I’m cooler than you because I’m from New York City” kids. That said, he’s from the City and does think he’s pretty cool. This is probably because he speaks French, Japanese, and Hebrew on top of his native New York tongue—so don’t fux with him. Joseph is concentrating in Neuroscience, and his hobbies include WBRU, Shakespeare on the Green, playing the guitar, and trying every coffee house in Providence (the verdict: Blue State still takes it). He has three older brothers and a blind bichon named Ace, and he can lift his left leg behind his head (Joseph, not the dog). If Joseph could have any superpower, he would go Matilda and get telekinesis, the power of moving objects with his mind—mainly so he could sneakily float muffins out of the Blue Room.

-Kate Storey-Fisher

Katie Bright: Hailing from the mean streets of Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Katie Bright (known to friends and family as Khaki, KB, K-Bay, K-Baybay, and any variation thereof) couldn’t be happier to be joining the ranks of BlogDH. A renaissance woman, Katie’s interests include Urban Studies, ballet, collecting postcards, and the 1998 remake of Disney’s The Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan, which she knows by heart. When not serving the community in the Swearer Classroom Program, Kate loves to cook. But she has yet to recreate BuDS sweet potato fries, her favorite dish at Brown. Given the choice of any superpower, Katie would pick teleportation, so she could travel anywhere, including to her dream destination of Greece (a.k.a. the Lindsay Lohan of debtors).

-Joseph Frankel

Mariana Castro: This Long Beach native has a thing for Japanese cuisine—her favorite delicacies are the popular avocado roll (you may even catch this BlogDH celeb at Sushi Express on Thayer!) and the lesser-known Japanese plum juice. As for her superpower of choice, Mariana struggles to decide between the noble and, well, the weird – healing powers versus giving life to stuffed animals. What she misses most about the Golden Coast? Her three Chihuahuas, Pinky, Nick, and Kevin (the reincarnated Jonas Brothers – no one ever cared about Joe); her bunny, Cookie a.k.a Galleta; and her cat, Sophie.

-Katie Bright

Margaret Snatcher: Mags hails from the Red Light District in Amsterdam, where she acquired her affinity for all things sex. She came to Brown extremely eager to write about sex and present it in a new light, but it was mainly the prospect of finally experiencing SPG that stirred her blood. Ms. Snatcher is currently a Gender and Sexuality Studies concentrator, and quite the little overachiever for that matter! She boasts landing a coveted internship at the Center for Advanced Vibrator Research, or CAVR (pronounced “savor”). Her favorite food is oysters, and her favorite Friday night pastime involves curling up by the fireplace with a glass of pinot noir in hand. Margaret is the proud owner of a 14-year-old border collie named Barktholemew. Yeah, I know. I also expected something more provocative.

-Mariana Castro

Rebecca Steinberg: I have the distinctly wonderful opportunity to introduce Ms. Rebecca Steinberg, another fellow Brunonian who’s been added to the Blog’s line-up this semester. This lovely lady enjoys long walks on the beach, romantic music, and anything savory enough to tickle her taste buds. She hails from Santa Monica, California and is here to share her great knowledge of food and music with the Brown community. Rebecca also has a super stomach—the kind that no matter how many chocolate truffles she eats, there is always room for just one more. Another cool thing about Rebecca? She has a radio show on BSR every Monday at 7 p.m. Tune in some time!

-Margaret Snatcher

Sydney Mondry: Sydney, who holds the official title of “Queen of Instagram,” hails from Aspen, Colorado, where she runs the slopes, shreds mad powder, and probably spends too much time with her mom. A sophomore concentrating in English (Nonfiction writing track), Sydney loves Lena Dunham’s Girlsshe’s an individual who feels what she feels when she feels it. She’s half-Canadian, and her spirit animal is a grandma. If she were endowed with a superpower, she would hope it would be teleportation, because she loves her family, but hates dealing with all the annoying people in airports.

-(Given that we have an odd number of new writers, Sydney was the lucky soul who drew the lot to be interrogated by a member of Blog’s editorial squad.)

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