Third annual Brown Unplugged competition underway

Last Tuesday, as the sun peeked through fading February clouds, dorms across campus went dark. March 1st marked the beginning of the third annual Brown Unplugged competition, a battle for energy savings between 14 dorm clusters. For three weeks, dorms will be pitted against each other to see which group can best reduce their energy consumption. Last year, students saved 23,000 kWh, knocking $3,000 off of Brown’s bill. Things are moving a little more slowly this year, but the competition is sure to fire up as more students power down. You can check on the current standings here.

EcoReps, a student group that seeks to make our campus greener, seems to be using a three-pronged strategy to mobilize dorms to reduce energy consumption: sexual innuendos, free pizza and Christina Paxson. The slogan for the contest is, “Do it in the Dark” and its advertising campaign has used the promotional slogan, “I remember to pull out.” As if that wasn’t enough to entice students to participate, the winning group gets a free pizza dinner with the President Paxson.

Brown could use a little more inter-dorm competition, and this one’s for a good cause. Register here if you’d like to commit to conserve.

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