Goose and Tomtom get loose this weekend

This weekend, escape into the twisted logic of the underworld with PW’s March show Goose and Tomtom – or as I like to call it, WWE Smackdown in the Downspace. Goose and Tomtom tells the story of how these two friends react to the theft of Tomtom’s girlfriend’s prized jewels and diamonds. However, what might seem like a common story about two thieves turns into a complex study of power and social dynamics.

Goose and Tomtom

Once you give in to the play’s bizarre world and unique language, director Jenny Gorelick ’14 takes you on a funny and crazy ride. With the help of talented stunt choreographer Trevor Olds ’14, this show uses physical humor and fight scenes more than any other production I’ve ever seen at Brown. Gorelick steps beyond the text and has directed an interpretation of the show that takes advantage of every potential moment of comedy. As director, she has created a mix of gripping scenes and high action moments that are sure to grab your attention.

She accomplishes this with the help of her talented and hilarious cast. The dynamic duo of Jack Usher ‘15 and Chris Fitzsimmons ’13.5, who play Goose and Tomtom respectively, steal the show. Playing best friends (and often rivals), Fitzsimmons and Usher work seamlessly together. Through the course of the show, they share a laugh, a punch or two, and even a lady. Their comedic chops keep this multifaceted story moving. However, it isn’t all fun and games for Goose and Tomtom. Fitzsimmons is particularly compelling as he seamlessly switches between the show’s more gut-wrenching and humorous moments.

The plot takes many different twists and turns into different realities, all of which seem more like a dream. Don’t be misled by the names though—no one is a literal goose. That said, Usher may play the most charming frog since Kermit. I guess that makes Sarah Gage ‘15 his Miss Piggy in this scenario. Gage plays the sultry, sexy, and manipulative girlfriend to Tomtom, Lorraine, who just wants her jewels back! Different from many roles Gage has played on campus, this character shows more skin than she does her true emotions. Kevin Kelly ’15 and Anna Reed ’15 play an unconventional sibling pair. Although their time on stage is brief, they are unforgettable. Reed’s comedic timing is impeccable and creates some of the most unique moments in the show.

Goose and Tomtom is a wild and crazy play that won’t disappoint – guns are pulled, objects are thrown, and heads are slammed on almost every surface possible. Tomtom’s apartment is torn apart each night this weekend, so I suggest getting a ticket before it’s destroyed for good. Personally, I just feel bad for whoever has to clean up the set after every show.

Head over to TF Green for show times Friday, March 8 @ 8 p.m., Saturday, March 9 @ 7 p.m. and 11 p.m., Sunday, March 10 @ 8 p.m., and lastly Monday, March 11 @ 8 p.m. As always, tickets are free. For more information, check out the show’s Facebook event.

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