Editors’ note: ‘Time-waster of the day’ and ‘Free food digest’ are moving to Facebook


So we’re changing some stuff up.

Since we started back in 2009, the “Time-waster of the day” and “Free food digest” columns have been daily staples on the site. We share the time-wasters with all of you as a means of giving you entertaining breaks from your studies, and we provide a roundup of free food around campus to further enable your collective Nice Slice/Kabob and Curry/Meeting Street Cookies addictions and give you a well-deserved break from the tedium of meal plan.

We love these columns, but our staff has recently decided to stop publishing them on our site. Instead, we will continue to publish both columns daily on our Facebook page! Don’t worry: you’ll still be able to eat free (or dine trying) and waste time.

We feel that this will a) allow both columns to better serve their intended purposes for members of the Brown community, and b) make the feed on our site less cluttered. If you’re a fan of either (or both!) of these columns and would still like to make them part of your daily reading routine, we would encourage you to “like” our page. Additionally, if you’re interested in the occasional polar bear pic among other relevant links, you should hit up the page more often.

We really think this will be great and we can’t wait for the next steps. Raise your free Kabob and Curry and let’s make a toast: Here’s to wasted time, free food and a happy and healthy spring. Cheers.

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